Living Life in Reverse


        In a west African spiritual religion called Isese Ifa we learn that earth (Aiye) is a transitory place and orun ( heaven) is home. In this Yoruba based tradition it is imperative that we prolong our time here to learn the things we need to learn, to contribute to the world and be an active person in society. I like to suggest people to live in reverse. What I mean by that is to always be conscious of the moves you are making and how it effects people.

         We come here to bring good into this world, transforming the lives of others and bringing new perspectives along with joy and happiness. When we make that transition back home we must leave a legacy of good character so that when people remember us that our names will be called in remembrance of the legacy that we left. We want our family and loved ones to always say our names in elevation to continue to elevate our spirit.  


      Death is inevitable and necessary but has no absolute time that will prepare you for it. I know many people freaked out reading the first line. But bear with me for a bit. Speaking of Iku ( Death) and Ìbèrù ( Fear) is so taboo for many to think about let alone discuss. However, we will discuss it a bit here. In Ifa we call Earth the marketplace. It is where we come to learn things, sometimes even redo things but then we have to return home. After the death of a loved one we consult the oracle and do special rituals and ceremonies to not only honor that spirit but to specifically help the person transition after the dying process in order for the ancestors to accept them home. Without these rituals and ceremonies the spirit can be confused and afraid. This transitionary period after death can be difficult on the spirit so we help as much as we can to put the spirit at ease.


      Ancestrally speaking our goal is to become a memorable ancestor and build a positive legacy. Being the spirit being called on by name when your loved ones need your particular energy. Iku ( Death) reminds us when and how we chose to renew and transform ourselves. For every birth there is a death. When we lose a loved one here on earth we cry but when the ancestors receive our loved one they welcome them home and rejoice.

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